P+F Collective (Parents & Friends)

The Parents and Friends (P+F Collective) represents the body of the HCCS families. They facilitate social functions for staff and families, pastoral care for parents, encourage class representatives and welcome new families to the School. They also conduct fundraising activities in line with budget recommendations and oversee the Uniform Policy. They are open to any number of volunteers who are willing to become involved co-ordinating events and enjoy contributing to the spirit of the Christian Community at HCCS.

The School hostesses, whose role is to work in collaboration with the Parents and Friends (P+F Collective) , also assist in the welcoming of new families and co-ordination of morning teas and suppers.

At Oakbank, the P+F Collective has transitioned into a P+F ‘Nuts and Bolts’ group with an intention to grow the Secondary Campus and its sense of community.