We are excited to announce that, as of Term 4 2020, the uniform will be changing.  More information can be found here. 

A second hand uniform pool, located in the Admin Building, is operated by a group of school families. Details of this service can be obtained from the Front Office – please check the newsletter for opening hours.

All items of the uniform may be purchased from Worklocker, 27 Hutchinson Street, Mt Barker, phone 8398 3983 or online through their website at: https://uniformshopsa.com.au/

Students are generally required to wear their sports uniform to school at least one day per week but may wear it two days per week to suit individual teaching programs. Families will be notified of the particular day of the week for sport and if a second day is necessary.

A School Hat is a particularly important part of the Uniform during Term 1 and Term 4. Children who do not have a hat will not be permitted to leave the sheltered verandah areas to play.

All parents have signed a declaration of support for the Uniform Policy in their admission form and families are asked to continue this support. If for any reason a student cannot comply with the Uniform Policy, a written note must be sent to School.

The School has a policy, which states that students are expected to wear uniform and parents who enroll their children must agree to this policy and make sure that students leave home each day properly attired.

Uniform Policy ELC – Year 7

Secondary School Uniform Brochure