Parenting Ideas

HCCS is now a ‘Parenting Ideas’ school member. This gives you as parents, access to a wealth of material to support you in your parenting. You can visit: for more information and to sign up for regular blogs from a wide variety of experts including parenting educator, Michael Grose.

As a member school, we also have access to a bank of archived blogs, as well as videos and ebooks, so if you request a topic, we may have some resources to support you.

Parenting ideas also runs multiple webinars each term that NORMALLY COST $37 per family to access, but with our membership, parents can access these webinars for FREE. All you need to do is enter the VOUCHERCODE, which we will release on Schoolstream and our Facebook page in the week leading up to the webinar.

for more information contact Director of Wellbeing, Bek


May 15th, 7.30pm – Sibling Fighting with Michael Grose (recording)

May 29th, 8pm – Teach girls to build each other up with Sharon Witt

June 5th , 7.30pm – Understanding Anxiety with Dr Jodi Richardson (recording)

June 28th , 7.30pm – Days to a Happier Family with Dr Justin Coulson (recording)

July 25th, 8pm – Managing your Childs Anxiety with Michael Grose

August 14th, 7.30pm – Win kids’ cooperation without fears, tears and cauliflower ears with Michael Grose (recording)

August 28th, 8pm – Creating 21st century rites of passage with Dr Arne Rubinstein

September 18th, 8pm – Step back so kids can step up with Dr Deborah Gilboa

October 29th, 7.30pm – Developing Emotional Intelligence in Children with Michael Hawton (recording)

October 30th, 8pm – Strengthening kid’s self-esteem in a digital world with Martine Oglethorpe

November 27th, 7.30pm – Preparing for High School with Sharon Witt (recording)

November 27th, 8pm – Brave parenting in a culture riddled with worry with Lenore Skenazy