Past Scholars

HCCS is thrilled that many of our Past Scholars enjoyed their time at Verdun so much that they now enroll their children or become staff members.

It is always a difficult time for a Primary School to develop and maintain link with Past Scholars and we are hopeful to improve our contact with the strategic use of Facebook and other social media.

If Past Scholars would like to email we will add them to our database.

Please add any comments you like to your graduating class.

Class of 1996

Adams, Benjamin
Bray, Gary
Broadbent, Eve
Brockhoff, Edward

Edward graduated from Bond University in June 2006 with a double degree in Laws and International Relations. Has travelled through North America, Europe and Asia since graduation. Commenced work in July 2007 as a Judge’s Associate to Justices Bleby & White in the Supreme Court of SA whilst living and working as a Boarding House Master at Prince Alfred College

Castle, Hahlee
Cooper, Anthony
Ellis, Steven
Elmes, Samuel

Sam study at Uni for 4 years. He isnow working at Thomas Gas in Aldgate and living in Littlehampton with fiancé Kellie. They are planning to get married in April 2008

Glynn, Jason
Hayes, Joshua

Josh has just finished 2nd year archeology at Adel Uni and is hoping to expand to a double degree and do forensic science.

Hester, Lisa
McFetridge, James
Mellor, James
North, Robert
Perry, Lee

Qualified body piercer and has been working while travelling around Australia. Has recently spend 3 weeks treking through Nepal. Would like to become a paramedic

Polglase, Penelope
Powell, Christopher
Pumpa, Chad
Russo, Jodie-Marie
Schirripa, Karlyn
Williams, Michael
Zecchin, Luke