Past Scholars

HCCS is thrilled that many of our Past Scholars enjoyed their time at Verdun so much that they now enroll their children or become staff members.

It is always a difficult time for a Primary School to develop and maintain link with Past Scholars and we are hopeful to improve our contact with the strategic use of Facebook and other social media.

If Past Scholars would like to email we will add them to our database.

Please add any comments you like to your graduating class.

Class of 2001

Bassell, Emily
Borchardt, Annabel
Breen, Matthew
Burfield, Joel
Ditter, Nicholas
Elder, Kate
Gannon, Amy

Amy is in Yr 11 at Mercedes College

Gordon-Edwards, Benjamin

Ben is undergoing a traineeship with Kym Bassell for IT Networking and is currently stationed at HCCS as onsite IT Technitio. Looking to move out with Matt Simpson and Mike Nixon in the near future.

Hartshorne, Pippa
Kew, Tannon
Kotz, Ben
Laing, Jamie
Marshall, Andrew
McNamee, Tess
Morgan, Ella
Nicholls, Matthew

Matthew is umpiring for SANFL. Currently studying Year in the Son course at Tabor College. Hoping to do PE/Outdoor Ed Teaching in the future

Nixon, Michael
Palmer, Stefanie
Pollard, Naomi

Since leaving HCCS in 2001, Naomi completed my high schooling years at Cornerstone College. She has now begun studying a Bachelor of Education at Tabor College

Pritchard, Miranda
Purdie, Donald
Rutschack, Amy

Amy completed highschool in 2006 at St John’s Grammar School, Belair. She is currently completing a Backelor of Education (Secondary) & Arts degree at Flinders Universtiy

Ryles, Kirsty
Schulz, Dylan
Simpson, Matthew
Smart, James
Steinwedel, Christopher
Vivian, Christopher
Waldron, Thomas
Walsh, Ali

Ali is currently studying Honours in Genetics at Adelaide University, having graduated from Bach Science at the end of last year with majors in Genetics and Computer Science.

Williams, Simon
Young, Emily