Past Scholars

HCCS is thrilled that many of our Past Scholars enjoyed their time at Verdun so much that they now enroll their children or become staff members.

It is always a difficult time for a Primary School to develop and maintain link with Past Scholars and we are hopeful to improve our contact with the strategic use of Facebook and other social media.

If Past Scholars would like to email we will add them to our database.

Please add any comments you like to your graduating class.

Class of 2003

Bailey, Matthew
Barnes, Christopher
Bottin, Jason
Breen, Joshua
Burfield, Aaron
Davies, Sophie
Foster, Samuel
Gower, Henry

Henry is in Yr 11 Christchurch Grammer WA – Industry placement in Real Estate firm while studying Yr 11.

Gray, Robert
Hill, Timothy
Horton, Blake
Jefferies, Ben
Jelk, Antoine
Johnson, Laura
Kortman, Heidi

Heidi is currently in Year 11 at Heritage College

Kotz, Amy
Langberg, Shannon
Lees, Caroline

Caroline is studying at Cornerstone College. She enjoys basketball and is a very enthusiastic musician and scout.

Marshall, Alistair
Morgan, Tayla
Nixon, Lucy
Oborn, Cooper
Oehrli, Sascha
Peter, Ben
Rowe, Sam
Rutschack, Hannah

Hannah is currently studying Year 12 at Cornerstone College. She is also working at a wholesale nursery.

Stanford, Michael
Steinwedel, Kate
Walsh, Casey
Whatnall, Brooke

Brooke is attending The Waldorf shool at Mt Barker and is hoping to become a photo journalist