Past Scholars

HCCS is thrilled that many of our Past Scholars enjoyed their time at Verdun so much that they now enroll their children or become staff members.

It is always a difficult time for a Primary School to develop and maintain link with Past Scholars and we are hopeful to improve our contact with the strategic use of Facebook and other social media.

If Past Scholars would like to email we will add them to our database.

Please add any comments you like to your graduating class.

Class of 2008

Alexander, Ellen
Alexandrou, James
Arch, Katie
Coates, Ross
Coy, Jonathon
D'Angelo, Marcel
Daenke, Karl
Edwards, Oliver
Ferraro, Samuel
Fiebig, Steffany
Fielden, April-Rose
Fountain, Vanessa
Gaetan, Tom
Hammond, Callum
Herde, Lucy
Holt, Eline
Hudson, Connor

Connor is in Yr 8 at Cornerstone College, he has been selected for U14 State Soccer Development Squad as 1 of 4 Goal Keepers, also training with the SA Institute of Sport

Johnson, Sam
Knobben, Bradley
Krylow, Nick
Kuiper, Melissa
Little, Lucy
Little, Tom
Lovegrove, Joshua
Mason, Lauren
McDermottroe, Ned
McLatchie, Daniel
Miller, Lucinda
Parkinson, Sarah
Purdie, Heather
Quilliam, Danny
Rave, Holly
Rosback, James
Saywell, Natasha
Shearer, Nathaniel
White, Danyon
White, Tahnee
Whittleston, Akala-Erin
Williams, Samuel
Wittkowsky, Eloise