Past Scholars

HCCS is thrilled that many of our Past Scholars enjoyed their time at Verdun so much that they now enroll their children or become staff members.

It is always a difficult time for a Primary School to develop and maintain link with Past Scholars and we are hopeful to improve our contact with the strategic use of Facebook and other social media.

If Past Scholars would like to email we will add them to our database.

Please add any comments you like to your graduating class.

Students leaving school before graduation year

Adams, Daniel
Aish, Georgia
Aish, Joel
Allen, James

James completed his studies at Pembroke and Adelaide University and has now completed his Bachelor of Commerce and Accounting. He is studying for his CA at present and is working with an Adelaide firm RDC partners as an accountant.

Allen, Lachlan

Lachlan completed his studies at Pembroke and is now studying Agricultural Science at Adelaide Universtiy. He is a cadet commodity trader with the Australian Barley Board

Allen, Richard
Ambrose, Lachlan
Ambrose, Warwick
Andary, Bernard
Andary, Laura
Anderson, Amelia(Millie)
Anderson, Grace
Angel, Chloe
Angel, Lucy
Arthur, Jim and Shiela
Ashcroft, Allan
Baker, Reece
Baker, Rhyan
Barnes, Jordan
Barnett, Harry
Barnett, Jack
Barr, Alana
Barr, James
Bateup, Penny
Bawden, Taylor

Taylor left HCCS in Gr 3 2000 to home educate. In 2001 the family moved to Brisbane. He is currently in Yr 11 and still being home educated with TAFE. His interests are BMX street riding, breakdancing, photography/film and playing drums. Hoping to go on student exchange to Canada in 2009. Tavels back to Adelaide annually.

Bawden, Teagan

Teagan commenced home education in Grade 6 to grade 12 in 2007, also completing a Cert. 3 in Hospitality front desk/reception at TAFE. Currently on a student exchange to Argentina for a year and having a fantastic time. Due back in Australia in July 2008 just in time to go to World Youth Day in Sydney with her family

Begley, Joseph
Begley, Juliet
Bell, Xavier
Bennett, Carolyn
Bennett, Emily
Bennett, James
Bessen, Jacob
Bilstein, Drew
Bilstein, Riley
Birbeck, Ken
Blandford, Ellis
Blandford, Sam
Bolzon, Joshua
Boundy, Nicholas
Bowden, Purdie
Boyd, Ashton
Boyd, Georgina
Bradley, Christopher
Bradley, Hamish
Bradley, Nicholas
Briers, David
Briers, Elizabeth

Elizabeth is currently studying in Japan and will return to complete yr 11 at Viewbank College

Bromley, Sarah-Jayne
Brooks, Daniel
Brooks, Ross
Brooks, Ross
Brooks, Toni
Brooks, Toni
Brown, Sophie
Brown(Long), Julian
Bruce, Laura
Bruce, William
Brumpton, Victoria
Burgess, William
Buringa, Cassandra
Buringa, Jacob
Callins, Ashleigh
Carey, Daniel
Carey, Hayley
Carey, Kendra
Carey, Samuel
Carletti, Katia
Carroll, Samuel
Carroll, Sophie
Casey, Billy
Casey, Molly
Cavanagh, Jack
Celeste, Antony
Christie, Dana
Clark, Daniel
Clark, Emily
Clark, Sarah
Coates, Edward
Coates, Olivia
Collins, Gordon and Rhonda
Cook, Alexandra
Cooper, Adam
Cooper, Alex
Cooper, Olivia
Corben, Ross
Corben, Sophie
Costigan, Gina
Cotter, Jarryd
Coulter, Benjamin
Coulter, Kristian
Cowan, James
Cowell, Matthew

Mathew is in Brisbane and currently studying his second degree at Queensland Uni of Technology. He is studying a Bachelor of Musiness Majoring in Advertising and is halfway through his second yer. Matthew has completed a Diploma of Multimedia and Certificate IV in Information Technology.

Crisp, Mitchell
Crosby, Michael
Cullen, Nicholas
Dales, Carissa

Carissa is currently completing grade 12 at Lourdes Hill College in Brisbane. She travelled around Europe with the Australian youth choir in grade 9 and sang for the Pope and Queen. She is furthering her acting career with the Australian Acting Academy

Dales, Nicole
Dansie, Alicia
Dare, Louis
Davis, Jody
Davis, Kimberly
Dawe, Brady

Brady is currently finishing Year 10 at Pulteney Grammar School

Dawe, Travis
Deiley, James
Deiley, Rachel
Deimel, Lachlan
Dix, Stacey
Downer, Andrew
Downer, Dougal
Downer, Edward
Downer, Henrietta
Downer, Henry
Downer, Jock
Downer, Michael
Downes, Kyle
Driver, Alice
Edwards, Naomi
Edwards, Nathan
Eggelton, Kane
Eustace, Jessica
Eustace, John
Fargher, Nicola
Fargher, Samuel
Fielke, Liana
Florance, Olivia

Completed a Bach. of Psychology and Bach. of Law. I am now practising solicitor in Adelaide. I am still living in the Adelaide Hills. I enjoy breeding Angus beef cattle, spending time with friends, family and animals. I enjoy surfing, fishing, horse-riding and the general outdoors.

Foote, Samantha
Foristal, Chloe
Forwood, Alice
Forwood, Georgina
Forwood, Patrick
Fowler, Benjamin
Fowler, George
Fowler, Wilhelmina
Fox, Sally
Fox, Tom
Francis, Daniel
Francis, Ryan
Franz, Christopher
Fulcher, Zoe

Zoe moved to Sydney in 1991 and studied fashion design after high school. She worked for Lisa Ho as a design assistant for the first 3 years after graduation and travelled. She started her own label in 2004 however was contacted by Zimmermann where she is currently working as the design room manager

Gay, Benjamin
Geddes, Benjamin
Geddes, Chloe
Geddes, Kaylah
Geddes, Sean
Gehlert, Jessica

Jess Completed yr 12 in 2004 at Concordia College. She is undertaking a Bachelor of Medical Science at Flinders University.

Gehlert, John
Gehlert, Peter
Germaine, Emmy
Gibson, Nicolette
Gibson, Samuel
Giles, Isabella
Giles, Lucy
Giles, William
Goode, Christopher
Goode, Jason

Jason continued education at Torrens Valley Christian School. He now works at BP and rus two successful businesses.

Goodwin, Alan
Goodwin, Jessica
Goodwin, Natarsha
Gower, Annabelle

Annie is in Yr 7 at PLC in Perth – Loves to dance

Gracey, Adele
Gracey, Erin
Grave, Alexandra
Gray, Daniel
Gray, Jason
Greenshields, Kristin
Hackett, Angus
Hackett, Marian

Marian has been studying in the Masters stream of Business Information Systems in Sweden for the past 12 months. Will return to Sweden mid 2007. Currently living in Adelaide and working at Life be in it at Unley.

Haigh, Charles
Haigh, Emily
Haigh, Laura
Hall, Jessica
Hallam, Chloe
Hallam, Kimberly
Hannam, Sophie
Hannam, Tom
Harding, Michael
Harris, Joshua
Hart, Sarah
Hawker, Caemin
Hayes, Kate

Currently completing Yr 9 at Pembroke

Hayward, Arabella
Hayward, Lucas
Headland, Lucinda
Headland, Thomas
Heim, Karl
Hepburn, Tony
Herve, Alexander
Herve, Peter
Hesse, Kaleb
Hesse, Kurt
Hester, Kelly
Hester, Mark

Mark graduated from RMIT University B. of Engineering in Dec 2004. In his final year was chief engineer and lead driver of RMIT’s F-SAE race car team that won 2004 European championship and placed 2nd in Australian event. Will be competing at Detroit in may in the F-SAE world title. Mark is currently working as a race engineer/designer at FPR (Ford’s factory V8 Supercar team)

Hewitson, Christopher
Hewitson, Joanne
Hill, Daniel
Hill, Rohan
Hodge, Elke
Hogben, Melanie
Hompas, Lauren
Horsnell, Alice
Horsnell, Charles
Horsnell, Millicent
Horwood, Lewis
Horwood, Taylor
How, Montana
Hupfeld, Stephanie

Stephanie is currently finishing year 11 at Trinity College in Gawler. She intends to continue at Trinity for year 12 then hopefully move to University in 2009

Hutchins, Tayler
Huxford, Andrew
Huxford, Vanessa
Illich, Alexander
Illich, Georgina
Ingram, Nicholas
Jacob, Kate
Jamieson, Emily
Jamieson, Hannah
Jansen-Hughes, Benjamin
Jarrett, Hayden
Jarrett, Hayden
Jeater, Daniel
Jeater, Mitchell
Jeffrey, Kate
Joseland, David
Joseland, Harry
Joseph, Ryan
Jupp, Harold
Jupp, Sarah
Kapur, Rosie
Keightley, Stephen
Kemp, Everet
Kenny, Jeremy
Kenny, Rebecca
Kidney, Erin
Kidney, Jamieson
Kidney, Mahlah
Kidney, Samuel
Kingham, Alasdair
Kingham, James
Kissell, Cherie
Klavins, Adam
Kok, Briony
Kok, Bronte
Kortman, James
Krantz, Catherine
Krantz, Jonothan
Kromar, Domonic
Krylow, Nadia
Lang, Brenton

Brenton finished Yr 12 at COC Woombye Sunshine Coast Qld. He is now completing his 4th year Bachelor of microelectronic Engineering at Griffith Uni – Brisbane. Married in July 2006 to Amy. Enjoys music and plays drums in a number of bands. Would like to say hello to old friends from HCCS Sam Hill, Lauren Krylow, Melissa Sefton, Jason Shepherd, Nick Smart, Josiah Whyte and David Scarborough – Hope you guys are going well!!!

Lang, Christine
Larritt, Matt
Leah, Georgia
Leckey, Maddison
Leckey, Mallory
Lee, Michael
Lenthall-Jackwitz, Olivia

After leaving HCCS in 2004, Olivia and her family moved to Qld. Olivia is now living in Darwin, NT and in Year 4 at Holy Spirit Primary School. At the end of 2008, Olivia and her family will move to Alice Springs,NT. Olivia will commence Year 5 at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College in 2009. Olivia often thinks of her friends and wonders what they are doing and if they are still at the school.

Leppinus, Dinah
Lewis, Amber
Lewis, Phoebe
Lipman, Charlotte
Lipman, Olivia

Olivia is currently finishing Year 10 at St Peters Girls and is in the same class as Annabel Borchardt

Lipman, Vaiben
Littman, Jack
Lloyd, Benjamin
Loechel, Holly
Lomax, James
Lucas, Edward
Lucas, Thomas
Lundberg, Christie
Lundberg, Daniel
Lundberg, Justin
Lundberg, Rebecca
Lynch, Andrew
Lynch, Eloise
Lyons, Georgina
Lyons, Henrietta
Macdonald, Bryan
Macdonald, Eloise
Mack, David
Mack, Joshua
Maitland, Andrew
Maitland, Christopher
Maitland, Penelope
Maitland, William
Mansell, Hamish
Mansueto, David
Mansueto, Helen
Mansueto, Jonathon
Mansueto, Timothy
Markham, Heidi
Marshman, Matthew
Martin, Ann - Marie
Martin, Cherie

Cherie left HCCS at the end of 1984 to move to Shyalla with her Dad, Paul Martin, who was a teacher at HCCS. Cherie is curently a project manager for the Federal Govt, living in Canberra. She has two children, Joel and Rebekah who are now in high school. Treasure the memories of my time at HCCS, certainly the beet primary School I went too.

Martin, Katie
Mason, Pieter
Mason, Simon
Masters, Holly
Masters, Hugh
Mawson, Damien
May, Millie

Millie has been attending Seymour College since 2004 and am now in Yr 9.

Mayer, Alexia
Mayer, Andrei
Mayne, Kylan
Mayne, Seth
McAvaney, Daniel

Currently doing yr 11 at Sacred Heart Senior School

McAvaney, Lisa-Marie
McAvaney, Nicholas
McDonald, Fiona
McMichael, Alister
McMichael, Annabel
McMichael, Lachlan

Lachlan is currently studying Law/Commeerce at Adelaide University and is living on campus at St Marks College

McShane, Jason
McShane, Scott
Mead, Timothy
Miles, Kasey

Kasey is currently in Yr 11 at St Francis de Sales College, where she was elected as senior house captain. She is loving school, especially English and Biology. She is hoping to study Medicine in Melbourne after graduation.

Miller, Sophie
Mills, Angus
Mills, Lachlan
Mills, Rebecca
Minato, Ashley

Ashley is currently 3rd year apprentice electrician. Enjoys snowboarding, sailing 4WDriving. He lives in Wodonga Vic.

Minato, Benjamin

Ben is a qualified electician living in Wodonga Vic – loves sailing & 4WDriving.

Moreau, Nicholas
Morton, Bradley
Morton, Corey
Moss, Lucas
Moyle, Karen
Mulder, Brett
Muller, Joshua
Mundy, Tiffany
Nancarrow, Elissa
Nasalik , Shanna
Nesbitt, Micaela
Newell, Anyetta
Newland, Hannah
Newland, Mary
Newland, William
Newman, Matthew
Newman, Stephen

Stephen has recently completed 12 and have just commenced study of Bachelor of Computer Science at Adel University

Nicol, Benjamin
Nicol, Olivia
Nielsen, Timothy
North, Heidi
North, Kelly
Norton-Fox, Charlotte
Norton-Fox, Elleanor
Nuske, Nicholas
O'Leary, Hannah
O'Malley, Letitia
O'Reilly, Benjamin
O'Reilly, Stephen
Ogden, Georgia
Okkerse, Theodore
Overall, Stuart
Paech, Chantelle
Palmer, James
Palmer, Sarah
Papargiris, Annie
Parsons, Benjamin
Penglase, Gabby
Penneck, Kimberley
Phillips, Miranda
Phillips, Verity
Philpots-Green, Liberty
Platten, Phoebe
Potts, Cheniah
Potts, D'artagnan
Potts, Paris
Prendergast, Michael
Price, Oliver
Pritchard, Thomas
Pumpa, Todd
Radbone, Barbara
Ratcliff, Kyle

Kyle has just completed yr 12 at St John’s Grammar and is hoping to be accepted into Engineering at Adelaide University

Ray, Rebecca

Rebecca is married and currently on parenting leave raising a young family

Ray, Vanessa

Vanessa is a water licensing officer with the Dept of Water, Land and Bio Diversity Conservation responsible for the Eastern Mt Lofty Ranges.

Read, Susan
Reed, Lynda
Regel, Eileen and Herbert
Reuter, Anita
Reuter, Benny
Richards, Shaun
Roberts, Elias
Robertson, Timothy
Rodda, Jessica
Rogers, Sarah
Rogers, Simon
Rudd, Timothy

Timothy has settled into his old school well

Ryle, Lachlan
Ryles, Daniel
Ryles, Matthew
Salerno, Anika
Salerno, James
Salerno, Julius
Salerno, Matteo
Salerno, Oliver
Samwell, Danielle
Samwell, Kelly
Sanders, Damien
Sanders, Mitchell
Sands, Andrew
Sarre, Hope
Schultz, Eden
Schultz, Tayla

Currently at St Francis de Sales College in Mt Barker

Sefton, Hope
Shears, David
Sheridan, Jared
Sheridan, Keisha
Shigrov, Aaron
Shigrov, Jeremiah
Shigrov, Rachel
Shillabeer, Liberty
Shillabeer, Simon
Shillabeer, Thomas
Shilldarien-Henley, Gina
Shilllabeer, Andrew
Siggs, Christabel
Skurray, David
Skurray, Luke
Small, Anna
Smith, Ben
Smith, Carrie
Smith, Natasha
Smith, Nicholas
Smith, Teresa
Snell, Katherine
Snell, Molly
Snoad, Jacob
Spitty, Angela
Springham, Joshua
Statton, Benjamin
Statton, Brett
Statton, Jessica
Stephenson, Dylan
Stevenson, Eleanor
Stewart, Emily
Stewart, Laura
Stone, Adam
Stone, Christopher
Stone, Justin
Stranz, Conrad
Stranz, Oscar
Stratton, Olivia

PRESS RELEASE 28/10/04 Olivia Stratton’s World Tour as Miss World Australia Olivia Stratton – has recently returned from a 3 month around the world trip for her Year of Service as Miss World Australia. Olivia was chosen from over 500 girls nationally to represent Australia at the Miss World competition, held in China for 4 weeks last December. Despite only 11 days to prepare for the largest international pageant in the world and not receiving any of the promised support or prizes valued at $250,000… Olivia went on to wow the 2 billion viewers watching the Miss World television program in over 120 countries… winning for her country the Miss World People’s Choice. After being State Ambassador for South Australia for over 2 years now, Olivia was delighted to win the international title. “Such a great honour to win for my country and a big step towards my ultimate goal… to one day work as an Ambassador for the United Nations”, she said. “Miss World is about beauty with purpose, over 80% of the contestants have tertiary qualifications”, as proven by Olivia who acquired her Masters Degree with the University of Adelaide, previously won a scholarship and studied with the Swiss Hotel Association and Le Cordon Bleu, as well as a Diploma in Linguistics; speaking German fluently. Apart from meeting with top model agencies in London, New York and Los Angeles, Olivia was chosen as the International Ambassador for South Australia – Australia’s representative for Sauchin04 in China for 3.5 weeks, working with the media to promote Australian food, wine and tourism. Olivia’s official duties overseas also included visiting the Australian Embassy in Los Angeles, Tokyo and Shanghai, as well as speaking with Variety Ambassadors in the United States. Highlights of Olivia’s Miss World Australia International Tour included being invited to the Van Hallen Concert in Hollywood, Giants Baseball Game in San Francisco (photo), Alcatraz, Nappa Valley – meeting famous chef Thomas Keller at the French Laundry, ‘Seinfeld’ diner in NYC, ‘O’ concert in Las Vegas, Lion King Musical in London, China White – top club in London where Olivia met with Miss New Zealand (photo), the famous Monte Carlo Beach Club where Beyonce was also enjoying the sun (photo), Elton John Concert in Shanghai, Formula 1 Grand Prix – China, shoot with top Asia ‘Time’ magazine photographer, attended the Australia Ball in Shanghai and waltzing with Zeus – the lead actor [and Melbournite] from ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ to the Vegemite Sandwich by Men at Work (photo). Olivia has been very busy over the past 12 months, assisting numerous charities and community groups – so much so that Olivia was chosen as the 2004 Variety The Children’s Charity Ambassador. Her work also included television and modelling work in Australia as well as overseas, which Olivia will continue with now that her reign as Miss World Australia has finished. Olivia is very passionate to keep on with her charity work as well as her career as a professional speaker – motivating others she explains, “Through education, understanding and combining our efforts – to make a positive difference in the world”. [

Tanner, Paul
THOMAS, Mitchell
Tilbrook, Logan
Tilbrook, McKenzie
Todd, Briony
Todd, Kaleb
Toohey, Daniel
Toohey, Laura
Toon, Aaron
Trappett, Hamish
Treilibs, Anthea
Treilibs, Claire
Trethewey, David
Trethewey, Rohan
Trollope, Emilie
Trollope, Timothy
Van Rossen, Lee
Vanderveen, Jesse
Vicary, Scott
Vivian, Andrew
Vivian, Claire
Wait, Brianna
Wait, Georgia
Wait, Zachary
Waldron, Betelihem
Waldron, Bruk
Waldron, Frehiwot
Walker, Anne
Walker, Hayley
Wallace, Diana
Ward, Chloe
Ward, Damian
Ward, Rachel
Waters, Janelle
Waters, Kimberley
Waters, Peter
Watts, Chandese
Watts, Derryn
Webb, Kathryn
Wedd, Chloe
Wegener, Helen
Wegener, Irene
Wehr, James
Weidenhofer, Chantelle
Weston, Lucinda
Weston, Thomas

Tom married Amelia McFetridge (also a past scholar) on 4th March 2007.

White, Nicholas
Wichert, Cristy
Wichert, Jonathon
Wilkinson, Guy
Willcocks, Jarrad
Willcocks, Joshua
Willcocks, Lilli
Williams, Maryanne
Williams, Rachael
Williams, Robert
Williams, Vickyanne
Willis, Sarah
Wilson, Aaron
Wilson, Alexander
Wilson, Amalia
Wilson, Courtney
Wilson, Dale
Wilson, Georgia
Wilson, Holly
Wilson, Laura
Wilson, Tobias
Windle, Elizabeth

Elizabeth (known as Liz Moyle) is married with 2 children. They live on a broadacre cereal cropping and sheep farm in Parilla

Wong, Hon Zsan
Wong, Kit-Mei
Woodroofe, Darren
Woodroofe, Kym
Woolley, Christopher
Woolley, James
Woolley, Matthew
Yates, Gareth
Young, Jessica