Life in the ELC is all about the children, their interests and their individual learning needs. Drawing from the best and latest Early Childhood educational philosophies and practices, the ELC’s play based programme encourages each child to become an active participant, deeply engaged in driving their own learning journey. Children are supported to pursue their own interests and explore new and stimulating experiences, whilst developing independence, resilience and confidence.

Play is fun, but it is also serious learning. Our play based programme offers children the opportunity to engage in the world in real ways, through exploration and experimentation. Children learn how to make choices and respond to situations as competent human beings as they use their executive functions of making decisions and taking responsibility.

Our ‘Wonder Wall’ highlights the children’s curious natures. Questions like “How do they make shaving cream?” or “Why are my shoes a different size to my thongs?” promote amazing individual investigations. Group brainstorming leads to other explorations such as “Why are dinosaurs different?” or “How does a rocket ship get into space?” Incorporating intentional and spontaneous experiences caters for a variety of learning styles and developmental abilities. A balance of free play, small and large group opportunities ensure that all children are involved and extended.

As part of our Long Day Care program, HCCS ELC caters for children from 3½ years of age until they commence Reception. The educational program, which runs from 8.45am – 3.15pm, participates in the Government’s Universal Access initiative by providing quality Preschool education. Our highly qualified staff team includes two Early Childhood trained teachers with extensive experience, as well as two Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care trained Educators. Additional staff are employed to increase staffing ratios to support children with specific learning needs.

Rosie Ferguson (ELC Director)