ICT and Cyber Safety

ICT (Information/Communication/Technologies)/Computing and Cyber Safety

HCCS offers a comprehensive ICT programme to support and enrich the implementation of the Australian Curriculum. From Reception to Year 10 a Specialist Teacher teaches specific programmes and provides learning opportunities which are rich, current and challenging.

The School provides interactive televisions and/or interactive whiteboards in all teaching spaces and has a computer suite of thirty computers as a teaching space for the ICT educator. At Verdun, to complement the suite, we provide a set of tablets/laptops which are accessed by classroom teachers as needed and over 20 iPads which are mainly used in the Junior Primary classrooms. As well, all classrooms have extra computers available to support and facilitate learning.

HCCS has introduced a student device programme at Oakbank whereby every family purchases their own computer device. These are purchased or leased through a local company and remain the property of the family. The student device programme is available in the parent information policy.

The strong learning in ICT can be continued through the Certificate II and III in 3D Animation and VFX Film VET course, CAD and Information Processing and Publishing (IPP) (Year 11 and 12).

The School is committed to Cyber Safety and has industry standard filter programmes on our servers and individual devices. Furthermore, we have Cyber Safety experts speak to all classes from Year 4 to Year 12 on safe use of the Internet and Social Media.

HCCS has established a wireless environment at both Verdun and Oakbank attached to the National Broadband Network.