Rivermont Property

HCCS was blessed to purchase 9 acres of farm land adjacent to the School in late 2014. This property has over 300 metres of frontage with the Onkaparinga River and the students now are actively involved in various environmental studies related to the river. A large section of the Rivermont Property has been designated as Nature Play and classes access this space during lesson time and children play in this space during lunch times, building cubby houses, creating natural games and generally having fun. There is a hundred year old apple orchard with delicious Jonathon apples which children of the school pick and enjoy. Within the Rivermont Property, the farmhouse has been renovated to create a Year 7 classroom which is very progressive in its facilities and learning culture. The Year 7 Centre also plants and manages its own garden area and the produce is used in the Garden to Kitchen programme which children access each week. The Year 7 Centre also has its own beautiful grounds including frog grottos, natural vegetation, fire pit and a massive chook house and run. HCCS believes the Rivermont Property helps balances children’s lives with the opportunity to interact with nature. Across the river Onkaparinga is another 5 acres and the School may include its development in the next strategic plan. The property has been named Rivermont to honour the Radbone family who were the land holders over 50 years ago.