Thanks for your interest in our Primary Campus.

We are a vibrant school community who focus on Learning, Faith and Nurture for of all children. We want to develop children to be confident, curious, and resilient. We want our children to be able to follow the ‘pathway’ of their choice as well as positively contribute to the broader community.

HCCS seeks to share God’s love with all. Staff are dedicated Christians whose actions speak louder than words. Faith is not taught at HCCS but rather the fabric of who we are. Children have daily opportunities to express and explore their own personal faith

Staff at HCCS care for all children and are very aware of developing the whole child. Class teachers have an excellent understanding of how children learn best and are also well informed about current research on ‘wellbeing’. We have a team of people who work together to nurture students and families.

We have an amazing team who work with children with learning needs, both in the class and out of the classroom to support their learning.

Our Counsellors work to support staff, children and families when life ‘gets tough’. They run emotional literacy programs as well as information sessions for families on various topics.

We have a strong parent body that work together to build community. The P+F Collective work with the school to support various events such as Grandparents’ Day, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, the outdoor movie night and the comedy night. All of these events strengthen, the already thriving HCCS community.

We know that excellence in teaching is the single most powerful influence on children’s learning. Our staff work in teaching teams and are always on the lookout for innovative teaching practices that will improve student learning.

We believe that children learn through inquiry and we know that our brains need to make connections to achieve lifelong learning. We endeavour to create children who are critical and creative thinkers and are able to problem solve. These skills are transferrable to adult lives.

HCCS is blessed to be located in the Adelaide Hills. The views from the Early Learning Centre and Primary School are picturesque. In recent years, we have been able to acquire the neighbouring farm of 9 acres. The farm house has been turned into the Year 7 Centre. This is an innovative learning space where learning happens very differently to the normal classroom. The rest of the property is being used for Nature Play and Environmental Education. We have been featured on BTN for our participation in the Bird Watch program.

There is so much to see at the HCCS Primary Campus at Verdun. I hope you can make time to come and have a look. Contact our enrolments officer Anita McDonald to book your own personal tour. We look forward to seeing you.

Ange Harvey (Head of Primary)