For many children buddy activities are a heart of life at HCCS. Buddies have been a tradition for over 20 years at Verdun and include:

  • Year 5 students spending time with our pre-schoolers in the ELC
  • Year 7 and Year 6 students nurturing new Reception students as they begin school, with the highlight being the Welcome Assembly. The older buddies enjoy getting to know their younger buddies and proudly introduce them to the rest of the Primary School where everyone sings ‘Welcome to he Family’
  • fun weekly get togethers and learning opportunities

Most older students at Verdun could name their buddies during their time at school because they have made them feel secure, safe, valued and happy as well as providing support in the yard if required.

At Oakbank, the ‘buddy’ tradition is nurtured by the regular House get togethers and activities which encourages the relating of students from Year 8 to year 12.