Primary Leadership

HCCS provides extensive student leadership opportunities especially during a focus programme in Year 7. Each class from Year 3 – Year 7 has two peer elected representatives who attend SRC meetings, coordinated by a staff member. The SRC makes many recommendations about improving student life and facilities and seeks to remind our students about the HCCS Way of looking after yourself, others and this place. SRC positions are highly regarded and eagerly sought.

Student Representative Council (SRC)

Our SRC is available for students from Year 3 to 7. Interested candidates volunteer to provide a speech and are peer elected. The SRC meets regularly with a staff member and focuses on school life and improvement. Training of SRC members is conducted each semester and meet fortnightly with issues raised in class meetings.

House Leaders

Beaumont, Gallasch, Grivell and Sandow are the 4 Houses at Verdun and each House has an elected Captain and Vice-Captain from within the Year 7 cohort.