Student Wellbeing

HCCS is a community that promotes gratitude, well being, nurture, compassion, resilience and empathy. We strongly encourage The HCCS Way which includes:

         1. looking after yourself

         2. looking after others

         3. looking after this place


By focusing our thinking about ourselves and others,  the values which encourage student well being are taught, practised, reinforced and consolidated.

As a Christian School, we celebrate the uniqueness of each other and how we need to value and appreciate God’s creations. These ‘life lessons’ are encouraged during classroom life, whole school devotions, Kids Matter and Mind Matters programmes and the influence of the adults at HCCS, including the Chaplains/Counsellors.

Our Extended Education staff focus more on the additional learning needs of our children but add strongly to the sense of well being at HCCS.

Child Protection Policy

HCCS Harassment and Bullying