Behaviour Management

Everyone has a right to feel safe and happy while at school. Students are expected to accept responsibility for their behaviour and their choices. They should be educated in the following processes and learn:

  • self-control, and self-management
  • how to talk through the problem
  • to tell others involved how they feel
  • to ask others to help (e.g. assist in some way)
  • how to stop an unacceptable action or ignore it and walk away
  • to seek teachers’ help if they’ve tried the above and still need helpThe following practices are to be adopted when the above process proves ineffective.
  • the end points of continued inappropriate behaviour choices may be suspension or expulsion. Parents are very involved during the Behaviour Management process.
  • our School seeks to help students accept responsibility for their behaviour and to make good choices in their actions. A system of warnings and then removal, in the case of unacceptable behaviour, is used to help children reflect on their behaviour and ways of rectifying it. The process involves class reflection time, reflection time in a buddy class and conversations with Senior Staff.
  • the same principles apply in the yard at break times as apply in the class. Where students disobey the School Rules, their right to participate with others in work or play may be removed. Staff can fast track consequences where they deem necessary.
  • specialist staff may need to modify this process slightly and include the class teacher along with the Deputy Principal / Principal in communication.

Further information about the HCCS approach to helping students to make good choices can be found in the Child Protection Policy and the Harassment and Bullying Policy.