Secondary Years

Thanks for your interest in our Secondary Campus.

HCCS Secondary is a vibrant, nurturing and friendly school situated within a picturesque 30 acre farm at Oakbank. Our school has built a strong culture of learning and care during its 5 1/2 years.  We are blessed with a strong team of teachers and support staff  who are committed to giving each student every opportunity to be successful as learners and young people. Our Special Education team is very active at Oakbank.

Many of our teaching staff are trained and experienced International Baccalaureate teachers who are creating excellent learning possibilities with our Senior Secondary SACE students. The benefits of our smaller than average Home Group and specialist classes result in students not being overlooked  or ignored with their learning needs. Our teachers at the Oakbank campus are determined to give students all the opportunities of bigger schools in sporting competitions, excursions and life in the wider community. The benefits of a ‘boutique’ size school are shown with our Year 8 Mission Trip to Fiji and our Year 9 Mission Trip to Adelaide with a focus on homelessness. Trips like these are more difficult with a bigger cohorts of students. (For a ‘snapshot’ of the 2018 Year 8 Fiji Mission Trip, please click on the photo on the right).

HCCS Secondary students are benefiting from our renting of classroom and specialist spaces within Oakbank Area School (OAS) and the sharing of some subjects in Year 11 and Year 12 with OAS which is enabling a broad and comprehensive curriculum/subject offering. Our students’ lives are enriched with opportunities like the led steer and led goat programmes at the Adelaide Show, access to raising chickens and other agriculture pursuits on the farm, many interschool sporting carnivals, a comprehensive outdoor/hiking/aquatics programme, Chapel Band, participation in the Adelaide Hills Student Pathways for VET subjects, flexible Work Experiences and so much more. Because we are a ‘boutique’ school, leadership opportunities also abound. As well as School Captains, our House Leaders and Secondary Student Voice leaders, have training and many opportunities to progress and develop their leadership skills.

Pastoral Care is strong at HCCS Secondary because of the quality of our Home Group teachers, all staff  and the nurturing Chaplain/Counsellors. The students are such pleasant young people who look after each other. Mutual respect is obvious.

HCCS Secondary is a delightful alternative to other bigger High Schools in the Adelaide Hills and well worth visiting.

Donovan Shaw (Head of Secondary)