HILLS Secondary is a vibrant, nurturing and friendly school currently situated at Oakbank. Our school has built a strong culture of learning and care for students.  We are blessed with a strong team of experienced, innovative and caring educators and support staff who are committed to giving each student every opportunity to be successful as learners and develop into the young adults they were created to be.

We are very excited to be moving into the next phase at HILLS Secondary, with the move to the new Secondary buildings on the Verdun campus later this year. We are looking forward to having our own space, where we can further develop our strong faith based learning community.

The benefits of our smaller Care Groups and specialist classes result in a greater level of individual care and support for all our students. Students have a chance to be involved in sporting competitions and leadership groups as well as excursions and engaging in life in the wider community. The year 8 and 9 cohorts also have the opportunity to undertake such experiences that include our Year 8 Tasmania Wilderness Experience and our Year 9 Mission Trip to Adelaide with a focus on homelessness.

Over the past 2 years, educators have been developing and embedding our HILLS Pedagogical framework; underpinned by the five pillar of Agency, Collaboration, Responsiveness, and Critical and Creative Thinking. This has created the foundation for our innovative Learning Explorations Program launched this year. Learning Explorations is a student-centred approach to learning where students select from a range of choices each term in a program that looks to solve authentic problems and connect learning to the real world. This new program led to HILLS being selected as one of 12 schools in South Australia in the tri-sector Learner Profile: Pilot Project in conjunction with the University of Melbourne.

Our students’ learning is enriched through making the most of the nature at our doorstep on both campuses. This includes our Agricultural / Environmental component of our Science courses, the led steer and led goat programmes at the Adelaide Show and an innovative and well received Outdoor Education programme.

Pastoral Care is strong at HILLS Secondary, the students are well-natured young people who look after each other, and work together to embody our student developed RIPPA values: Respect, Integrity, Passion, Promoting honesty and Always united.

The Hills Christian Community School strives to enable our students to learn and grow to achieve their potential by providing an individualised and purposeful student-centered curriculum that inspires creative risk-takers and collaborative, entrepreneurial problem solvers who have a passion for lifelong learning and service to others.

Donovan Shaw (Head of Secondary)