Our Logo


Our former logo holds a sense of history and heritage. It has been a mark that has seen us through so much growth and at the time was true to our values and personality. Hills Christian Community School has matured over the past couple of years, we’ve honed in on our mission, evolved our positioning statement and we felt this was the perfect time to take a closer look at our visual identity.

Our New Logo

The Shield – Incorporating the history and tradition of Hills Christian Community School. Creating a union with the old and the new. Our new school shield is comprised of three visual elements representing the foundations of our education: Christ, Nature & Nurture

Crucifix (Christ) – Hills Christian Community School continues to deliver quality education in a supportive Christian environment.
Leaf (Nature) – Located in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, our students are immersed in rich, natural surrounding trees, fresh air, land and water. The leaf is the simplest representation of this.
Sun Rays (Nurture) – Sun rays to depict the nurturing environment we create for our students to develop and flourish. This element may also be visually interpreted as fields – the background to which our education is delivered.


We believe that the logo wasn’t achieving the job we wanted it to do anymore – a simpler, more distinctive evolution of it could do a better job. We have been examining the challenges that Hills Christian Community School are facing with our inconsistent identity. We are mindful of the significant investments that the school community have made over the years to establish the culture of the school, but we have engaged in a thoughtful assessment of the newly stated core values and positioning statement and believe it is important for us to refresh and reinvigorate the brand to reflect the future of Hills.

This is a delicate process and much consideration has been taken into getting the right external design team to create something wonderful. The focus of identifying the vision of the school was the priority in our brief, while still being thoughtful in nurturing the history.


The old logo was introduced 10 years ago as part of a brand campaign focused on the theme of ‘Community, Learning, Nurture, Faith.’ After some extensive market research, we recognised the need to update our messaging as well as our look and feel, all while remaining true to the Hills traditions. Our new positioning statement of  ‘Christ | Nature | Nurture’ will be our new tagline and the main purpose of the re-brand. Our other concern being known as an acronym – HCCS is a mouthful, people often stumble over it. We suggested removing HCCS from the logo all together and focus on the word ‘HILLS’ instead.

We also needed to make the logo legible for all marketing collateral and uniform items. Legibility was a huge driving force in the creative process.

We considered several approaches to logo and decided that providing a contemporary take on our current logo was the best fit. We were aiming to provide something custom in character and evocative of HILLS culture.