Our Faith

HCCS commenced in 1983 with the intention of having a Primary School in the Adelaide Hills for Christian families and other families who supported children learning about values and faith within a Christian context. In its 30+ years HCCS has maintained and grown the original vision of a Christian School and this is celebrated by:

  • Employing Christian staff members
  • Monday Morning Devotions at Verdun during which children sing and listen to child oriented talks by local ministers/pastors and similar opportunities at Oakbank
  • Sharing insights and conversations in Christian Living lessons
  • Sharing devotions, bible studies, prayer times and other faith related conversations in classrooms each day.

We are not a denominational school and the faith experience at HCCS is joyful, relational and faith building.

The School continues to embrace the Constitution and Statement of Belief as the essence of who we are.