Our Staff

Our Staff

HCCS is delighted with the high quality and dedicated team of Classroom Educators, Classroom Assist Educators and Administrative Educators who have been attracted to, and retained at, Verdun and Oakbank campuses.

Parent surveys regularly celebrate the nurturing, caring, enthusiastic and professional nature of HCCS staff members. The reputation of the ELC staff team and programme has encouraged strong growth in the number of preschoolers while the primary section celebrates that half of our Classroom Educators are males.

We also celebrate being chosen by the Federal Government’s Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority recently as being one of 14 schools in Australia which implemented the Australian Curriculum in an exemplary way. The Secondary team at Oakbank, is likewise dedicated and of high-quality and we celebrate the significant number of teachers who have trained and taught in International Baccalaureate schools.

HCCS staff members are committed to our children having fun and feeling safe and valued as they participate in active and engaging learning.

Staff Leadership Team

HCCS celebrates that all the employees of the School act like leaders, particularly our Classroom Educators. Within this broad leadership team, there is a team consisting of the Principal, Head of Primary and Head of Secondary, Business Manager, ELC Director and Key educators. This large team focuses on School improvement issues, as well as leading their own particular areas.